If you have followed me over the years you will know that there is one Author I feature regularly, because not only does she write the most delectable books, but she is one of the most supportive and creative Authors I have the privilege of knowing: Isabella May Today I am delighted to have beenContinue reading “AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Isabella May”

Author Interview: Francine Beaton

I am so delighted to be able to interview Francine Beaton today who is a phenomenal Author here with me in South Africa, and also a fellow member of ROSA (Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa). Francine has successfully written over 15 books, available in English and Afrikaans, and is a huge blessing and aContinue reading “Author Interview: Francine Beaton”

Recipes from : The Ice Cream Parlour

Thanks for inviting me back on your blog, Taryn! We’re both avid foodies and so in the spirit of my brand new book, THE ICE CREAM PARLOUR, I thought I’d share three variations of no-churn (ie. no need for a machine!) ice cream recipes today. These couldn’t be easier to prepare and involve few ingredients,Continue reading “Recipes from : The Ice Cream Parlour”

The highs and lows of a ginger book blogger (and the lessons she learned) – GUEST POST Meggy Roussel

I am one in a million. Two million? Three?! Let’s settle it by saying the community is huge and always active! Three years ago, I did not know what ‘book blogging’ was. I didn’t know it existed. What a dull life I had!

542 published posts later, I am still here. This itself is a miracle.

Author Interview: S.L Grigg

Today we are joined by the talented Author S.L. Grigg. Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us! Her book, Coffee Break Companion, is currently on sale for 99p, so go on and get your copy TODAY Q: What inspired you to write this book Coffee Break Companion? A: I had been writingContinue reading “Author Interview: S.L Grigg”