Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

With Christmas around the corner, we all struggle to find the perfect gift for those around us. So I thought I would put together some idea of what you can buy, or make, for those Book Lovers/Authors/Writers around you.   Here is a list of my favorite ideas:   Personalized cushions with funky book sayingContinue reading “Gift Ideas for Book Lovers”

Nanowrimo – one year on! Guest Blog by Isabella Muir

One year ago I accepted an invitation.  I didn’t know then it would be an acceptance that would change my life.  Perhaps that sounds a little dramatic?  Nevertheless, when I look back over the last twelve months and catalogue the differences, it feels like a fair assertion. The invitation came from Authorlab colleague, Chris Paton whoContinue reading “Nanowrimo – one year on! Guest Blog by Isabella Muir”

The Power of Fiction

Fiction may be seen to some as a way of escaping reality. Journalists or Political Activists might feel that an Author writing fiction has no power to influence society, culture, and an individual. That however is vastly untrue. For centuries books have been a source of knowledge, the gateway to understanding, and a platform forContinue reading “The Power of Fiction”