RECIPE: Oh! What a Pavlova

I love Pavlova.  Strawberry Pavlova to be more precise.  Recently I had the privilege of reading and reviewing the amazing book Oh! What a Pavlova by Isabella May (read my review here)  and it inspired me to share my Pavlova recipe with you.  So use my recipe and make it your own. The variations are endless.Continue reading “RECIPE: Oh! What a Pavlova”

Real Hot Chocolate Recipe from Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

For those who have read my book Perfect Imperfections, you will know that Sarah makes this amazing hot chocolate which she and Edward call ‘Real Hot Chocolate’. This is actually my own real life way of making hot chocolate and it’s become a favourite amongst my readers. So with this in mind, I thought itContinue reading “Real Hot Chocolate Recipe from Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh”