Who Inspired The Secret Letters?

The Secret Letters will be released on the 09 August 2020, but this is not just another love story. The Secret Letters was inspired by real life events and the woman behind it is a vision of hope and strength.

I try to write books that have a real meaning behind them. Stories of real life pain, seen through the eyes of someone else, someone we can identify with.

The reason for this, is that I believe, we can find nuggets to help with our own healing when we hear how someone else overcame their pain, and see how they rose above it to see happy days filled with love in their lives.

So I’m sure you can imagine that I walk around life listening out for such experiences that are worthy of writing about. Stories not only of pain, but of triumph.

I found such a story when I sat down to lunch with Alshandra Visagie one cheerful Saturday afternoon.

Alshandra candidly shared her harrowing account of being attacked in her home by a stranger. She explained the horror and torment that the experience brought, as well as the victory she encountered from it. Hers wasn’t a story told by a victim. It was one told by an overcomer!

The way she told that story shook me to the core. Having known of her story my entire life, it was completely different sitting in the room and having a first-hand account of it. Her bravery and courage together with her story of survival was hair raising to say the least, but completely inspirational.

I knew then, that I needed to somehow share her story with the world.

Being a fiction author, I contemplated for months how to tell that story. Whether to tell it like she had, or whether to completely fictionalise it. Eventually, I came to the realisation that I would use this book as an avenue to present the topic of a woman overcoming this horrendous attack, through a work of fiction, and then have her share it with my readers in her own words in live chats. So if you have read this book, look out for those chats on social media, and if you are wondering which part is applicable to her story, it’s found in my own fictitious account in Chapter Fifteen.

Alshandra is proof that woman can overcome gender based violence, and still live to have victorious lives, and impact the lives of those around them.

She is now married, to an amazing husband, has two beautiful children, and counsels others who face trauma, pain and shame. She shares hope, inspiration, and love to heal the wounds and deal with the fear.

Alshandra Visagie

So I hope you will enjoy reading The Secret Letters, knowing that even in your own pain, there is victory to be had. Your best days are before you, just like they were for Alshandra.

I also hope that you will share this story with those who need hope, and a fresh start from all the pain they have experienced.

I based this book on the quote ‘Perfect love casts out all fear‘ and as you read it, may you gain a revelation of love that will remove all your fear.

Love, Taryn Leigh

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Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections and The Secret Letters, which are currently available from AmazonWaterstonesBarnes&Noble, Exclusive Books and where all good books are sold.

Taryn Leigh
Perfect Imperfections

Blog Tour Announcement : The Secret Letters

I am very excited to share with you that we have teamed up with Rachel’s Random Resources to host my Blog Tour which kicks off on the 09 August 2020 and runs until the 16 August 2020.

If you have a favourite Book Blogger, then you need to look out to see if your favourite will be reading and reviewing The Secret Letters on my blog tour.

Trust me you don’t want to miss this. Bloggers have a great way of summarizing the very best in our books, and I am personally looking forward to hear what they have to say.

I already have some sneak peaks into what they are thinking, and it seems their favourite Characters are Rachel and Mr Lemon as a start, and of course, the mysterious letter writer!

So be sure not to miss out and comment, share and shout about every blog. Give the bloggers the recognition and exposure they deserve, and let the world know that The Secret Letters has been released to the world.

Please also share your thoughts with me, I cant wait to hear your reviews on the book, and on the bloggers thoughts in their reviews.

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Love, Taryn Leigh

Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections and The Secret Letters, which are currently available from AmazonWaterstonesBarnes&Noble, Exclusive Books and where all good books are sold.

Cover Reveal: The Secret Letters by Taryn Leigh

Linda's Book Bag


There are some book covers that I absolutely love the moment I see them and Taryn Leigh’s The Secret Letters is absolutely gorgeous. I’m delighted to help reveal it here on Linda’s Book Bag today.

The Secret Letters will be published by Kingsley Publishers on 9th August 2020 in both e-book and paperback. The Secret Letters is available for pre-order on Amazon and all online bookstores, as well as from the Taryn Leigh directly.

Let’s find out more about the book:

The Secret Letters


Rachel, saved from an attack twelve years before by a faceless stranger, never got to thank him, never knew his name.

Despite the devastation she chose to rise above it to help others from their pain by becoming a psychologist… Her only issue now is that she’s an expert at fixing everyone else’s problems, and blind to her own.

After a long relationship with her boyfriend…

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Hot chocolate recipe from Perfect Imperfections

For those who have read my book Perfect Imperfections, you will know that Sarah makes this amazing hot chocolate which she and Edward call ‘Real Hot Chocolate’.

This is actually my own real life way of making hot chocolate and it’s become a favourite amongst my readers.

So with this in mind, I thought it would be fitting to share this recipe even with those who are yet to read the book. Just remember that no one said it’s healthy! But it’s perfect for a winter’s day or to celebrate a special moment or memory with your family and friends.

So I will share the ingredients with you, but for the method, I’ve included an excerpt from my book, because Sarah does it best!


1 x slab of your favourite Chocolate (mine and Sarah’s is Lindt)

250ml of Full Cream Milk

Marshmallows (my version, not Sarah’s, to add on top at the end)



Sarah couldn’t sleep, and after tossing and turning in bed until four in the morning she decided to wake up, shower and make Katy some breakfast. She found her way into the kitchen with her Lindt chocolate in hand, and rummaged through the cupboards for ingredients to whip up some crumpets for breakfast. After using all the crumpet batter to make a pile of crumpets so high that they threatened to tip over, she left them covered on the kitchen counter with golden syrup and honey positioned on either side, ready for Katy when she awoke. For the life of her she couldn’t imagine Katy eating so many crumpets, but the process of mixing and flipping them one by one, was what keep her going; it was her early morning therapy session.

Moving swiftly through the kitchen, she warmed some milk in a pot on the stove and, once hot, poured it into a mug. She broke pieces of chocolate, and let them plop one at a time into the steaming hot milk, allowing them to sink to the bottom of the mug, melting into oozing brown streams as they sank. Leaving the chocolate to melt and mix with the milk, she made her way to a sofa in the lounge and pulled a cream cashmere throw over her legs.

She wrapped her fingers tightly around the warm mug of hot chocolate, and watched through the window as the landscape dawned before the eyes. The beauty of a new day always carried with it a sense of hope. Each day could be so vastly different to the one before. Life could change in an instant, from joy to sorrow and from sorrow back to joy. Nothing in life was guaranteed, no one held the promise of another day. She was determined to try to live each day as best she could. Eventually the darkness had to give way to the light. The rising of the sun each day testified to that.

I hope you enjoy your delightful mug of real hot chocolate, and I hope you think of Sarah and I and Perfect Imperfection whenever you make yourself a mug full.

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Taryn Leigh

Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections, which is currently available from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes&Noble, Exclusive Books and where all good books are sold.

Recipes from : The Ice Cream Parlour

Thanks for inviting me back on your blog, Taryn!

We’re both avid foodies and so in the spirit of my brand new book, THE ICE CREAM PARLOUR, I thought I’d share three variations of no-churn (ie. no need for a machine!) ice cream recipes today. These couldn’t be easier to prepare and involve few ingredients, whilst being BIG on taste.

They also celebrate the essence of taste sensation in my latest romcom (with its quintessential magical realism twist). The Ice Cream Parlour is set between Bath, UK and Italy… with not a vanilla gelato in sight.
But plenty of Quadruple Chocolate Bangs, University Challenges, Pear with Lavender and Clotted Creams, and Talk To The Hands!
Anyway, here we go… and I hope you’ll enjoy:

Lemon Curd Ice Cream
300ml condensed milk
400ml full fat sour cream
1 small lemon (sliced thinly, seeds taken out)

1: Put all of the ingredients in a blender and use the highest speed for about half a minute (or until everything looks well combined).
2: Pour the mixture into a freezable container. Freeze overnight. Eat the next day!

Coffee Cloud Ice Cream
400g tin of condensed milk
140ml double cream
1 teaspoon espresso powder

1: Combine the condensed milk and espresso powder.
2: In a separate bowl, whip the cream until it makes stiff peaks.
3: Gently fold the cream into the coffee mix and whisk until it thickens, then pour into a freezable container. Freeze overnight. Eat the next day!

Fruit Jam (of your choice!) Ice Cream
Jam ice cream? You heard right. Just think of the endless flavour possibilities…
600ml double cream

400g tin of condensed milk

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

300g jam of your choice

fruit garnish to serve (optional)

1: Put the double cream in a large bowl and whisk until fluffy. Then add the condensed milk and vanilla extract. Beat for three minutes until everything is well mixed.
2: Pour in a freezable container. Once you have done this, add dollops of jam to the creamy mixture. Now use a fork or skewer to marble the jam into the cream to create a beautiful ripple effect. Cover and freeze overnight. Eat the next day!

Blurb to The Ice Cream Parlour
Giovanna Tonioli is a successful stockbroker with a famous sports star boyfriend, but things aren’t as sweet as they seem. When life in the city of Bath goes from Vanilla to Rocky Road, she takes herself off to Italy for an ‘Eat Pray Love’ style tour of all things gelateria. What she doesn’t expect to find on her travels is one smooth, hot dollop of temptation that she just can’t shake.
How will her spiteful twin sister react when Giovanna returns to open a rival ice cream parlour? Will Natalia get her just desserts? Or will things become even stickier? All’s fair in love, war and ice cream. Isn’t it?

The Ice Cream Parlour is a mouthwatering tale of fate, family, love and jealousy – with a delectable drizzle of alchemy besides.

The Ice Cream Parlour is available to purchase via this universal Amazon link which will take you straight to the Amazon page for your country of residence: mybook.to/theicecreamparlour

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