Day6 : Author Spotlight : Luna Lloyd

I have chosen to share books for
10 days that are by Authors I absolutely love but aren’t given the level of publicity their work deserves.


As READERS, I am asking you to add these to your list of books to read next, and also share the posts, so we can get these Authors the spotlight they deserve.

As AUTHORS I’m asking you to start your own #TenDayAuthorSpotlight so we can be a community that supports each other.

DAY6: My sixth Author Spotlight is of Author Luna Lloyd and the book I will be Spotlighting is THE CAGED NIGHTINGALE which is available now on Amazon.

The Cover

The Blurb :

Francesca Bright lives with her father, a widower, developing her talent as a pianist but little awareness of the world beyond her home or the valley in which it lies.

Invited to perform as a pianist for the local elite, Fran must battle her nerves and shyness as she discovers a livelihood and a wider world, sumptuous and sophisticated, in which she comes to feel the attention of men who appreciate her as a woman: even when they shouldn’t.

Her father insists he knows best, but how well can he understand the misgivings and modesty of a young woman who missed most of the advice and guidance only a mother can give? Fran’s female friends are no
substitute, even before she finds she has won the heart of a married man, before her heart goes out to dying man, and before she realises her father has become a suspicious man.

About the Author :

Luna Lloyd is a Hungarian writer who feels a deep connection in her heart to England. In Hungary, she got her bachelor’s degree in English Philology in 2009.

It took Luna a long time to realize that the key to her happiness is creating worlds through writing. When she isn’t writing, she is reading, translating, or dancing flamenco.

Luna Lloyd

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