Day 5 : Author Spotlight : Nicki Todd

I have chosen to share books for
10 days that are by Authors I absolutely love but aren’t given the level of publicity their work deserves.


As READERS, I am asking you to add these to your list of books to read next, and also share the posts, so we can get these Authors the spotlight they deserve.

As AUTHORS I’m asking you to start your own #TenDayAuthorSpotlight so we can be a community that supports each other.

DAY5: My fifth Author Spotlight is of the multi-talented Author Nicki Todd and the book I will be Spotlighting is Ah, Feck it which is available now on Amazon.



Meet Jess. Married to Pete, mother to five year old Davina, rather partial to a glass of wine, not really much of a clue about what to do with herself now her daughter is at school.

Making her way through modern life is no breeze for Jess, what with meddlesome in-laws, snobbish fellow parents, disapproving teachers and a husband who seems to have misplaced his sense of fun. This isn’t really what she signed up for.

When she finally starts to lose the baby weight and regain her long-lost self-confidence, Jess is definitely up for embracing the lighter side of life, be it getting lost in a Prague snowstorm or heading to a strip club with strangers.

She just needs the world to go along with her spontaneity. Not much chance of that…

About the Author :

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, aye up, I left school at sixteen and went to beauty college to become a makeup artist (in truth, I just hoped to get a ticket to Hollywood so I could marry Brad Pitt).

Since that didn’t work, after dabbling in some modelling, I worked as a legal secretary, sat some exams and, eight years later, qualified as a solicitor.

I met the man of my dreams, (I knew he was Mr Right as he made my bowels move). We have been married for fifteen years, live near York and have two amazing children

Author Nicki Todd

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