10 Unusual Bookshelf Ideas

I thought I would share with you some unique and crazy bookshelf ideas, to spice up your home. I’ve tried to include a little something for everyone, so let me know which one is your favorite

Number 1:

For the tea lover. Because nothing goes better with books than a hot cup of tea.


Number 2:

Something for the bedroom. If you like a little chaos, you would probably like the black background, and if you’re more conventional, then the white might be your thing!

bookshelf 2

Number 3:

For the music lover. Why not turn your guitar case into a bookshelf, or your spouses one if its in the way lol.

bookshelf 7

Number 4:

For the contemporary lover. Clean and simple is always beautiful!

bookshelf 10

Number 5:

For the plumber, because nothings says I love my job like having it on display

bookshelf 9

Number 6:

For the kids, or the child at heart who can no longer fit on their skateboard 🙂

bookshelf 5

Number 7:

For those wanting a showpiece! Talk about a stand out and it doubles as a reading light.

bookshelf 3

Number 8:

For the DIY lover … looks simple enough to install! However if you’re going to be tempted to clean the paint splatters off the ladder, rather get a new one lol.

bookshelf 8

Number 9:

For the recycler. Anything can be repurposed and turned into a bookshelf!

bookshelf 4

Number 10:

For the industrial designer. Making functional pieces out of almost nothing!

bookshelf 6

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Taryn Leigh


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Published by Taryn Leigh

Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections, which is available worldwide. She lives in South Africa with her Husband, Son and two Cocker Spaniels.

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