How to create the perfect BOOK CLUB 


Book clubs can be amazing. They are a place where book lovers come together to read and discuss books they are currently reading.

Its a place where we can chat about characters as if they are real people, and no one around you will think you’ve lost your mind. It’s a place to discuss Authors you love and plots you hate.

So how do you go about creating this safe haven for Book lovers to get together?

Here are a few tips and tricks

1. Don’t limit the group to only people who like your genre of book

It’s important to have a book group that incorporates all different genres. This way each member is challenged to try something new. This keeps the book club interesting and diverse. So bring together anyone who has a passion and love for books.

2. Let each member feel as if they contribute something

Allow each member to compile a list of possible books they want to read, then you can either choose a book off each person’s list a month, or draw it from a hat. This way every person feels like that are adding value and they also get to read what they have been dying to explore.

book club 3

3. Make it fun

Find ways to make it fun. You could have a themed party related to the book each time you complete a book. Either each bring food related to the book or dress related to the book. You could also go together to watch a book related movie or a theatre play.

book club 2

4. Read local books so you can invite local Authors to visit

Authors are always looking for opportunities to chat to others about their book. Support an Author in your country and contact them and extend an invitation for them to come and speak in more depth about the book. It will make the characters come to life, and you will get your books signed too!


5. Host it in different venues

Don’t always have it in the same place. Choose a new members house or a park or restaurant to change it up. You will be amazed how a change in scenery can energise your members.

6. Go on a trip together

If you are reading a book that mentions a place close to where you live, then plan a trip there together and discuss what the characters might have experienced in that space. If you are reading a historical book, then visit the museum to get a feel for how it would have been in that time.

7. Make it a safe place

Let your book club be a safe place where you can talk and share without judgement. If a member is being negative, then politely ask them to leave the group. You want it to be a happy place for all members.

8. Decide on your book club name together

Let everyone add to ideas of what the book club can be called. This will evoke a feeling of loyalty to stay in the club for years to come

And remember its all about having fun, reading, and exploring!

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