There is a BookClub SPA Getaway! …. It’s AMAZING!

Did you know there is a Spa Getaway that caters for bookclubs?

Well if you didnt, I’m here to tell you all about this AMAZING place.

Its called Indigo Fields, in the Balgowan Valley in South Africa. Here they offer the most luxurious 5 Star Spa and accomodation retreat. One of their amazing offers is a Spa Getaway for BookClubs!


For those of you who have read my book Perfect Imperfections , you will recall I mention Indigo Fields in my book. Its where Sarah goes with Katy to relax.

Well we can also go there not just to relax in one of their Deluxe Suites shown below, but we can also stay there with our local bookclub to read, relax, be pampered, and talk books.


If you go with your local Bookclub, this is what you will get:

  • 2 spa treatment sessions of 90 mins
    1. Head and Shoulder Massage & Facial AND
    2. A Full Body Massage
  • Lunch, Dinner and a Country Breakfast on the morning of departure.
  • Overnight accommodation.
    • Twickle Cottage accommodates a minimum of six and up to eight guests.
    • Little Pink Cottage: Four guests.
    • Up to 12 guests can be accommodated in the Luxury Farmhouse Suites.


The food on its own is an experience, that you will talk about for years. And the Rosemary and Olive bread is something that still makes my mouth water to this day!

The guests have even mentioned it in the Indigo Fields guest books that are in the rooms! Its that good!

indigo-fields-country (3)

So what are you waiting for? Go and book your Bookclub Spa Getaway TODAY. You can check our the prices here.

It’s something you will never forget. I know Sarah loved it in Perfect Imperfections, and you will too.

Here are the Boma’s I speak of the in book…

It really is an unforgettable place.

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Taryn Leigh

Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections, which is currently available from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes&Noble, Exclusive Books and where all good books are sold.


Published by Taryn Leigh

Taryn Leigh is the Author of Perfect Imperfections, which is available worldwide. She lives in South Africa with her Husband, Son and two Cocker Spaniels.

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